Why MintChip?

Let us empower your business by simplifying transactions
and eliminating fees.

Increase Business & Revenue

Going digital means your customers can shop with ease, never having to worry about cash or cards.

No More Hassle

MintChip eliminates counting, sorting and depositing cash at the bank. And because it’s digital; there is no risk of theft.


Zero Fees

Absolutely no risk or cost to you. Transfer your MintChip dollars directly into your bank account for free.

Now accepting merchants in the Liberty Village neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada

Reduce your fees. Provide your customers with the convenience of digital currency.


Why should I use MintChip?

Support local vendors in your neighborhood and earn cash back with every purchase!

Zero Fees

Zero transaction fees for you and your customers

No POS Integration

Download the MintChip merchant app on a compatible iOS device.

Build Loyalty

Create a user experience that will allow your customers to receive special offers relevant to their purchases.

Marketing Campaigns

Promote your business for free through our marketing campaigns.

In the near future, you’ll be able to accept MintChip
Canada-wide using
Ingenico terminals. Read the press release.