What is MintChip?

MintChip is the first digital cash platform created by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Safe, Secure & Fast

Designed by the Royal Canadian Mint to store your digital cash in a Secure Asset Store. In other words, think of transferring cash between two different safe deposit boxes within a bank vault.

A Digital Replacement for Cash

Use MintChip exactly like you would use cash. $1 CAD = $1 MintChip.

Pay Merchants & Send Money

Get cash back with every purchase you make using MintChip. Send free P2P transfers with friends. Splitting a lunch tab just got a whole lot easier!

Welcome to the Evolution
of CurrencyTM

Why should I use MintChip?

Support local vendors in your neighborhood and earn cash back with every purchase!

  • 20% MintChip cash back with every purchase

  • Safe and secure

  • 0%

    Zero fees

  • Free P2P transfers (Peer to Peer)

  • Faster checkout process

  • Contests and Prizes

  • Download the MintChip App

    Available to all those who frequent the Liberty Village area in Toronto. Download the MintChip app and receive 20% MintChip cash back with every purchase!


    Explore your MintChip Merchants

    We are pleased to offer these exclusive locations for your enjoyment.